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Admissions and Staff

Young Brilliant Mindz Academy staff are carefully selected and trained in the educational and business development industries. Our instructors have Bachelor degrees and/or have over 5+ years of teaching experience. With our educational training, life experiences, dedication, caring ways and professionalism, we are sure your child will have an overall successful learning experience. “We have a dynamic team . Our staff is not only highly qualified, but they go above and beyond to ensure the happiness of our Students , parents and the community we serve.  We continue to train and attend courses that enhance our abilities to learn new ways to deliver education for every learning style.





Address 118 E NcNab Road Pompano Beach FL, 33060

School Phone 954-960-2560 





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We are off Holidays

Spring Break

Winter Break



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How to Apply

Call us today to schedule an appointment to complete the application process!   

 The required documents are as follows:

• Completed enrollment application 

• Updated shot records (immunization & physical)

• Award letter from Step Up for Students (if applicable)

• Documents from previous school (if applicable)

• Parent fees (fees are determined once all documents are received)

Uniform Policy

Uniforms are mandatory and will be strictly enforced at our school to ensure student safety.  It is important that the uniform is clean, in good condition, and has the correct embroidery on it.  Cover-ups (jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.) must be uniform solid-colored.  Belts are also required for all students.

Uniform shirts are tucked into the bottoms and that the waist band of the bottoms is not worn any lower than the child’s waist line.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times while students are on campus including during dismissal and in the carpool lane.  Socks must also be worn.  Parents will be notified to bring their child a change of clothing immediately if this policy is not upheld.  If repeated infractions of the Uniform Policy occur, consequences for the student will ensue, including a formal conference with parents and possible dismissal from the school.


P.E. Shirts and Spirit Shirts are available to be purchased only at the school. Order forms will be sent home the first week of school. Spirit shirts are required to be worn on fieldtrips by students and staff. All uniforms are to be purchased at the Academy. (P.E. and Spirit Shirts do not need to be tucked in).


Student uniforms are as follows (students must wear uniforms which are correctly and appropriately sized for the student or they will be considered out of uniform):


Tops: Official uniform polo with official embroidered school logo (Royal Blue, Mustard, or White)


Bottoms: Official uniform shorts, pants or Skirts (Navy Blue, Khaki, or Black)


Shoes: Closed Toe/full coverage comfortable shoes and socks


Cold Weather Days: School issued sweater with school logo.


P.E. Days: Official P.E. uniforms (P.E. shirts will be sold at Young Brilliant Mindz Academy )


Spirit Days : Spirit shirts are only allowed on scheduled days




Dress down days will take place twice a month


All uniforms may be purchased at Y.B.M.A

Contact our office For pricing and pick up

Modern Classroom


 The Step Up Scholarship Program is a way for  each child to get up to $7,000 per child to attend Private School. Scholarships will be Available March 22,2022

Eligibility Requirements for applying for the step up program are as follows:


Valid ID 

Social Security Cards

Proof of income

SSI or SSA benefit letter

Food stamp case number


First time applying?

Birth certificate for children will be needed as well.

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